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Plastic Fabrication & Welding Applications

Leister’s range of hot air tools, blowers, hot air hand tools, and extrusion welders can be used as a single tool or built into a custom system to address unique application problems in plastic fabrication and welding.

We can design, fabricate, and integrate an application specific system including:

  • Individually selected tools
  • Custom nozzles and heat tunnels
  • Custom air knives
  • Controllers

Our tools can handle an array of tasks, use them to:

  • Make the perfect plastics welds
  • Preheat plastics prior to forming
  • Preheat moulds prior to forming 

No matter your challenge, STANMECH can provide a cost-effective solution using our expert knowledge and diverse product ranges.

If you have a specific application you’d like to discuss please feel free to contact us at info@stanmech.com and we’ll help you select the best tools for the job.


Plastic Fabrication_Welding Pen_1.jpg
A WELDING PEN is used for the finishing touches on piping.

Plastic Fabrication_Weldplast S4_1.jpg
A WELDPLAST S4 used for pipe construction.

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